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A YOUNG Mandurah boy is lucky to be alive after contracting a staphylococcal infection with doctors saying a splinter in his foot was the likely culprit.

Eight-year-old Conor Fahey’s ordeal first started on November 11 when he had an aching pain in his left hip that wouldn’t go away.

His mother Yvonne said she took him to Peel Health Campus (PHC) the following day but he was sent home after a few hours and told to take paracetamol.

Mrs Fahey said Conor’s pain got worse overnight so she took him to their family doctor who said he needed to go back to hospital.

This time PHC did a number of scans and blood tests before telling the family to go home again and come back if it gets worse.

“A few hours later Conor was in acute pain so we went back and they called an ambulance to take him to Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH),” Mrs Fahey said.

“His pain just kept getting worse and worse.

“He was on morphine in the ambulance and was admitted to orthopaedics.

“He went to ICU and he went downhill rapidly.

“His organs started failing and it was just one thing after another.”

Conor spent six days in ICU under the eye of five teams before the diagnosis of a staphylococcal infection.

The infection gave him left pyroformic myecitis which sent shooting pains down his leg, he had staphylococcal septicaemia in his blood, bilateral pleural effusions and the lower left lobe of his lung collapsed.

“He was an extremely sick boy,” Mrs Fahey said.

“He had blood tests every six hours and his body temperature reached 41.8 degrees.

“His throat started closing up one night.

“Every few hours something would happen and there were moments when I thought the worst.

“There was no let up.”

She said it had been a difficult few weeks.

“The situation was quite dire but you just cope because it’s your child,” she said.

“It was difficult for his sisters to see him going through it, though.”

Mrs Fahey said community support had been “amazing” with classmates and soccer team-mates sending Conor gifts and well-wishes.

“It’s one less thing you have to worry about with the community behind you,” she said.

“Just the smallest things helped to bring a smile to his face and take the pressure off us.”

Mrs Fahey said doctors believe the infection was caused by a splinter.

“One doctor started looking at his fingers and his toes and he found a splinter in his foot,” she said.

“He said that was the most likely cause.

“It’s surreal to think all of this was caused by something like a splinter.”

Conor was discharged from hospital on December 6 but his ordeal is not over yet.

“His body has been through a lot and he’s lost a lot of weight and conditioning,” Mrs Fahey said.

“He started physio this week and it will be a few weeks before he can start running.”

As for Conor, he said it had been a “painful” few weeks but he was looking forward to getting back on the soccer field with his friends.

Eight-year-old Conor Fahey, pictured with mum Yvonne, is lucky to be alive.

Conor in hospital.

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