Windsor to host public meeting in Inverell, and 2NZ is invited

NEW England MP Tony Windsor will hold a public meeting todiscuss the hung parliament and answer questions from the publicin February.
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Mr Windsor has already held similar meetings in Armidale andTamworth and said he was looking forward to a frank discussion with localpeople.

Tony Windsor

In his press released to announce the meeting, Mr Windsorsaid Inverell had punched above its weight for a town its size, in terms of itsinfluence on national policy during this parliament.

He then listed local people who he had spoken to duringdiscussions about policy.

“Input from Dan Ryan at Boss Engineering led to the carbonfarming package including a rebate for no-till farming equipment, whilerepresentations made by Keri Brown of Inverell Trucking ensured heavy vehicletransport was excluded from the carbon pricing scheme, ultimately saving thetransport industry $1.6 billion.

“Discussions with Ed Evans, who has commercialised his‘Safer Gates’ design for cattle yards, were followed by an expansion of agovernment safety scheme to help pay for cattle yard safety upgrades.”

Mr Windsor said the National Broadband Network would berolled out to towns and rural areas surrounding Inverell with the delivery offixed wireless services in 2013.

“I will also continue to push the Federal government tocommit funding to the Gonski reforms, which will deliver an historic boost tothe quality of education in country schools,” he added.

But Mr Windsor said Inverell had been let-down badly in thestate political arena by a failure to put forward the Armidale Hospitalredevelopment for a share of the $1.8 billion federal fund he had negotiatedespecially for regional hospitals, which meant Inverell would have to wait evenlonger for a hospital upgrade.

“I will also be discussing this viewpoint that my effortsfollowing the last election to carefully analyse the policies of both majorparties and then determine which one would offer the best deal for local peoplesomehow equates to trashing the so-called ‘Independent brand’,” Mr Windsorsaid.

“Radio Nationals” welcome to attend

Mr Windsor said he was inviting all community members toattend, regardless of their political persuasion and launched a scathing attackon Inverell radio station 2NZ.

“I would particularly welcome questions from RadioNationals, also known as 2NZ,” Mr Windsor said.

“Radio Nationals is the only media outlet in the New Englandthat places more value on political posturing than the interests of its owncommunity.

“A prime example of this is their long-running attacks onthe one piece of infrastructure that can remove the disadvantages of distancefor country people: the NBN.

“I would also welcome any evidence from Radio Nationals ofthis mythical $100 lamb roast that was supposed to be a consequence of pricingcarbon.”

Mr Windsor has previously questioned the impartiality of theradio station.

In 2010 he saidanything the station did needed to be taken with a grain of saltfollowing a poll on the carbon tax.

Richard Torbay, whois ironically now the Nationals candidate for New England, defended the stationat the time saying it had always been fair to him as an independent.

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