Answer the petty accusations and queries

CARMEL McEWAN, Secretary, Esperance Community Fundraising Group, writes:
Nanjing Night Net

I WOULD like to answer the petty accusations and queries that hadappeared on Esperance Express Facebook page regarding the Esperance CommunityFund Raising Group role in the running of the Esperance markets.

We are the group that fundraised for CT Scanner that has helped manypeople of Esperance avoid travelling to Perth or Albany. We also donated moneyto the Esperance Hospital for the upgrade of the TVs that hospital patientsenjoy. We have had changes to the committee but the majority of the members arestill on the new committee.

When we finalised this project we looked for another project that wouldbenefit the residents of Esperance decided that an Eye Laser machine would beappropriate goal for us to undertake. We changed our name to the EsperanceCommunity Fundraising Group and once again commenced fundraising. With theassistance of the Shire of Esperance we were granted the running of themarkets. Ever since that time we have had innuendoes against our coordinatorJoyce Pearce.

We are an incorporated body, To the Pearces of stealing is to by defaultaccuse the eight members of this committee of the same crime.

Every person who has a stall is issued with a receipt (even if they saythey do not want one). We do not charge any fundraising group or buskers anyfees and actually would like more groups to hold stalls. We receive assistancefrom all the service clubs of Esperance plus businesses also donate to ourcause. Do you think that these people would donate to us if they thought wewere ‘cooking the books’? With their assistance and at their request we arealso purchasing an Afinion Analyser that tests for diabetes in children savingthem a trip to Perth for a five minute test. This should come on line shortly.

We have currently $100,635.17 in our account and in January the two eyelaser machines will be ordered and the transportable building that will housethese should be in Esperance. The third machine that we were fundraising for,we have been advised that the hospital has put this on hold as there is noqualified person in Esperance to operate the machine. We will then look foranother project for the Esperance Community.

To conclude, the Pearce family donate all telephone calls, fuel that isused shopping every fortnight for setting up our donut stall. Instead of snideremarks they should be getting bouquets.

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