Junior Basketball results ~ Round 5

Nanjing Night Net

Friday Night Results

Girl’s A Grade

Pearls 38 b Opals 14. KHarding, A Capelli(P), E Davis, K Scheer(O)

Diamonds 26 b TDS 20. C Smith,C McIntyre(T), K Harland, M Clark(D)

Emeralds 22 b Rubies 19. BWickstein, N Collins(R), J Saunders, O Keevil(E)

Boy’s A Grade

Crows 36 b Falcons 22. SFranzone, M Spencer(F), S Nelson J Harris(C)

Hawks 33 b Vultures 15. TWyatt, D Bridge(H), B Staunton, C Burke(V)

Eagles 44 b Swans 35. B White,L Graham(e), R Keevil, L Kipling(S)

Girl’s Roxy

Sharks 41 b Harlequins 27. CMcIntyre, D Major(S), C Tate, C Smith(H)

Dolphins 34 b Marlins 27. LBarlow, K Pickering(D), K Witham, E Vickers(M)

Boy’s Nike

Taipans 40 b Anacondas 24. J Muntz,L Cary(A), C Wyatt, L Ocallaghan(T)

Pythons 27 b Cobras 21. IBuckley, L Cruttenden(C), B Ainsworth, B Zanotti(P)

Vipers 32 b Dugites 20. RDann, R Kelly(V), J Beasley, J Adams(D)

Boys Asics

TDS 32 b Tigers 24. T Edwards,T Hallam(T), J Buckley, A Barter(tds)

Jaguars 22 b Pumas 20. SDavis, C Smart(J), S Poole, D Hampel(P)

Lions 21 b Panthers 19. KNeil, C Stewart(L), D Harris, J Rowe(P)

Girls Billabong

Tds 28 b Lorikeets 16. RTaylor, C Morier(L), B Bonney, G Beasley(T)

Stirlings v Quails. Y Austen,A Bell(Q), L Cook, T Kuss(S)

Robins 32 b Ravens 18. J Bonney,S Rose(Ro), I Greasley, S Walker(Ra)

Boys Gatorade

Kings 32 b Knights 29. ZMurray, A Barter (Ki), T MacKenzie, JKennedy(K)

Barons 37 b Dukes 21. AEdwards, T McDonald (B), R Flood, J Marshall (D)

Girls Twilight

Typhoon 52 b Hurricanes 19. ZLiddlelow, Y Austen(T), L Cook, B Bonney(H)

Twisters 22 b Cyclones 15. KJohnson, Ruby Connor(T), R Major, H Boxer(C)

Monday Night Results

Boys Powerade

Torpedoes 40 b Rockets 26. BCastillo, J Marshall(T), M Williams, K Garvey(R)

Bombers 41 b Bullets 17. BHawkey, C Kennedy(Bo), J Fitzpatrick, J Gibson(Bu)

Girls Bluehaven

Meteors 32 b Comets 5, Ilewis, K Shearer(M), C Rowe, M Rhodes(C)

Galaxies 28 b Stars 8. KBuckley, O Withers(G), H Sladen, K Bishop(S)

Boys Converse

BMW’s 17 b Monaros 12. Joseivwright, T Hotker(B), B Murray, V Castillo(M)

Ferraris 18 b Mustangs 14

Porsches 14 b Corvettes 13. SConnor, H Staer(P), A Clark, M Ayers(C)

Girls Vans

Beetles 32 B Crickets 15. T Neil,C Foster(B), C Shearer, E Stevens(C)

Mozzies 24 B Dragonflies 4. SVarea, T Adams(M), J Major, D McMahon(D)

CountryweekBasketball starts on Friday the 8th February 2013 with U/16& U/18 Boys & U/18 Girls.

Boys 16s& Girls 18s will be in division 2 and the Boys 18s will be playing in theChampionship division.

It is areminder to all parents of players there are still positions that need to befilled to enable the teams to go away. If anyone

requiresinformation on Countryweek or can be a scorer or umpire on any of theseweekends please contact Nicole on 0428889663.

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