The secret life of a fashion blogger

Fashion fanatic Kate Lawrence is happy with her blog achievement for 2012. Photo: AMY MCINTYREIT is a credit to the original form of social media that it has been able to survive and flourish amid the advent of platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Blogs, online journals readily available on the web for unlimited use, remain in heavy competition against sources much more instantaneous in its information.

But while a program like Instagram is now at the wrath of its users for imposing on the freedoms of using it, the blog is continuing to flourish.

Dubbo teacher Kate Lawrence found herself interested in blogs first as an outlet for documenting travels.

In 2012 she wanted to take her blogging experience further, and her wish to combine loves of fashion and writing led to her blog One Day Dress.

“The idea was that every day of the academic year I would wear a different outfit,” she said.

Also inspired by her students’ previous comments on her clothes, it formed into something of a fun challenge for Miss Lawrence.

“It was something I wanted to do intentionally… and I managed for 200 days,” she said.

Miss Lawrence could wear an item more than once if necessary but never in the same way.

Her style was never the same; her wardrobe largely stocked from a range of purchases online and in stores during travels.

“I don’t follow anything, I have a mish mash of patterns, lots of polka dots, I love my prints,” Miss Lawrence said.

“I dress based on my emotions a lot – I wear colour because I know everyone else will be in black and grey.”

Her favourite outfits overall were worn in the first half of the challenge, which utilised a mix of floaty dresses and bright pink tights.

The reaction to her blog throughout the year was better than she expected, gaining support from fellow fashion bloggers as well as general readers.

The help of newer media platform Pinterest to share her photos also helped spread the word about the blog, something Miss Lawrence was grateful for.

However, challenges very quickly reared their head as winter rolled around, where there were days more worthy of trackpants and ugg boots.

There was also a case of unwarranted negative feedback that affected Miss Lawrence towards the end of the year, but took it in her stride and continued as normal.

“There were days where I had nothing fashion-related to write, so I would write personal stories, or anecdotes,” Miss Lawrence said.

“Some days I just didn’t feel like writing anything.

“My social life is very important to me, so there would be three or four days’ worth not done and I would have to catch up.”

With weekends free to dress how she liked, Miss Lawrence always had enough time off to regroup and get back into the spirit of the task.

“At least the boys in one of my classes were avidly commenting in the end, saying they had seen it before, so I had funny reactions,” she said.

Actually managing to change the contents of her wardrobe every day to a different tune ultimately left an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.

Speaking to Miss Lawrence a week after having completed her year-long journey, she felt relieved but excited for having stuck out the experience.

“It’s nice that I’m at the end… I feel like my life’s missing something now,” she said.

But would she do a blog like this again?

“I don’t have the funds (for clothes) to justify it,” she laughed.

“I do have a couple of projects I want to take on though.”

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