Most-read technology stories of 2012

The release of Apple’s iPhone 5 was one of the year’s top technology stories.Apple’s iPhone continued to remain one of the most popular Technology and Digital Life topics on smh南京夜网.au this year, but it was two science discoveries that captured attention the most.
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10. Facebook mistakes elbow for breast

The social network’s strict policy of banning ‘pornographic’ content was in the spotlight in November.

9. Real-life anime girl joins ‘human dolls’

The 19-year-old Ukrainian woman who has transformed herself into a real-life anime girl, with a daily ritual of painstakingly applying make-up to create a look that’s a spitting image of characters from Japanese cartoons or computer animation.

8. If you use Google, you may want to read this

In March, Google began to aggregate all the information it acquires about its users who are logged in to Google services into a single, unified pool of data.

7. Why I abandoned the iPhone

After several generations of loyalty to his mobile phone, the worm had turned on Apple, wrote tech columnist Charles Wright in July.

6. Fixing iPhone’s battery and data drain bugs

Users of the latest iPhone reported poor battery life on the new device. Deputy technology editor Ben Grubb offered tips to improve it.

5. Why Avis went overboard at 28 and ditched her $250,000 job

“I suppose I just woke up one day [in 2008] and said ‘I’ve done all the things I’m supposed to do to make me happy and successful and I’m not’, so I kind of went a bit overboard and just ditched my job, ditched my boyfriend and booked a ticket to Africa and went and lived in a rainforest.” Now Avis Mulhall is a tech entrepreneur in Sydney.

4. Confused? So was Kristen Neel

Kristen Neel, a teenager from Georgia in the US, gained Twitter infamy in Australia in a matter of hours on the night of the presidential election with one misguided tweet.

3. Apple unveils iPhone 5

September saw the biggest technology release of the year.

2. 2 million-year-old skeleton found in Cradle of Humankind

In July, South African scientists claimed to have uncovered the most complete skeleton yet of an ancient relative of man, hidden in a rock excavated from an archaeological site three years ago.

1. Where did it go? Scientists ‘undiscover’ Pacific island

The incredible story from November of the team of Australian scientists who found an island that didn’t exist.

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