Teach properly

I FIND it disgraceful that we cannot educate our children to astandard any higher than some African countries.

Year after year we rail about poorly skilled teachers andcontinue to throw money at the problem while half of our citizens remainfunctionally illiterate.

When is someone going to realise that the methods we are usingto teach our children to read are simply inadequate to the task?

It has very little to do with money or lack of it.

To my mind, two things are vital to progress satisfactorilythrough life and they are the ability to read and enthusiasm to learn.

Children should be provided with these in the first few grades.


is simply a code that, oncemastered, provides almost automatically, the ability to virtually educate oneself.

Our children are being robbed of that skill, not only becauseteachers don’t know how to teach it, but by the prevailing attitudes(particularly in Tasmania)that education is not something important enough to carry a high priority.

Isn’t it about time that being well educated carried the samerespect that skilled sportsmen get?

Why is it that teaching is often seen as a fallback professionfor those who aren’t able to make it into other courses?

Surely shaping young minds is as vital as healing their bodies.

We must begin to demand as much rigour in training teachers aswe do in medicine and law.

If our attitudes to learning and the acquisition of knowledgedon’t change soon, Australia,and particularly Tasmania,is going to continue its downward grade and very soon become irrelevant.

– PAT KNEHANS, Newnham.

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