Swan dives from surplus

FOLLOWING yet another broken election promise that we would see a federal surplus next year, how can anyone trust or believe anything this Labor Government promise, Federal Nationals candidate for Lyne, Dr David Gillespie said.
Nanjing Night Net

“Anyone involved in business knew for the past 18 months that most business sectors are really struggling, family budgets are tight and that revenue is down for everyone, including the taxman,” Mr Gillespie said.

“The question everyone is asking today is why has Wayne Swan just worked this out?

“Confidence in this government is at an all time low and this just confirms it,” Dr Gillespie said.

“Now we have a call for another stimulus package from the Independent Robert Oakeshott . This is just another example of them doing their masters bidding, as Labor’s Wayne Swan and Julia Gillard look even more desperate.

“Apart from not being able to manage the economy, this Federal Government cannot manage another stimulus package. We all remember the huge waste and half baked schemes like the pink batts and BER which had dubious long term benefits.

“The only thing they did was create more Government debt that taxpayers eventually have to pay back,” Dr Gillespie said.

“Not only have the Prime Minister and her incompetent Treasurer killed off the mining boom and investment with the mining tax, they have slugged us with the carbon tax which has only seen an increase in electricity costs which are crippling many businesses and family budgets.

“You can’t trust this government or the Independents who continue to keep them in power.

“The sooner we have a Federal election the better. Everyone that I speak to around the electorate can’t wait to remove this Labor/Independent/ Greens Government,” Dr Gillespie said.

Candidate Lyne David Gillespie.

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