Jesus existed

M. FYFE casts doubt on whether Jesus actually existed (Letters,December 17).
Nanjing Night Net

Some atheists seem to think that because they do not believe inGod, Jesus also did not exist.

This does not make sense. After all, I am not a Buddhist orMuslim, but I still believe Buddha and Mohammed existed.

I doubt if there is a historian in a university historydepartment anywhere in the world who believes Jesus did not exist.

of Nazareth,who founded Christianity.

Even if we exclude Christian sources, within 150 years of Jesus’death more ancient writers mentioned Jesus or Christ than Tiberius, the Romanemperor at the time.

The only people I know of who deny Jesus existed are atheistswhose opinions are clearly based on their bias, rather than a study of theevidence.

Their disregard for the evidence for the existence of Jesussuggests their opinions about the evidence for the existence of God are equallysuspect.

– M. J. NICHOLSON, Launceston.

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