Garden dedicated to a truly special lady

IN THE eyes ofparents, teachers and students past and present of Crookwell High School, Mrs.Audette Benson was a lady with superb standards.
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She wanted tohelp children learn good values and teach them rightful direction during theirschooling and throughout their lives.

The High Schoolrecently constructed a garden in memory of Audette with the volunteer help ofmany P & C members, school staff and parents and has also renamed thecanteen in her honour.

At the dedicationceremony last week the Principal of the school, Mr Brian Hudson said it was aprivilege and a pleasure to know Mrs Benson.

“She was clearlysomeone special for donating her time to the canteen and the P&Cassociation over the many years.

“She was anarticulate, determined, passionate woman who could speak her mind.

“Audette was awomanwhocommanded respect and ashebecame more aware ofher story that respect grew.

“She was adetermined and passionate supporter of Crookwell High and the public educationsystem,” Brain said.

Audette spentcountless hours helping the P&C Association and traveled many kilometres toattend official meeting and seminars on behalf of the school – all voluntarily.

P&C representativeSharon Treacy spoke of Audette and the contributions to the association.

“I only knewAudette for a short time but during that time she showed a dedication to theschool that has had lasting effects throughout.” Sharon said.

“She spent countlesshours at the school even after her children had left and this truly shows whatsort of person she really was.”

Mrs. Benson was astrong advocate of the Public School and also the High School and was aco-founder of the High School.

Her work with theP&C association has been acknowledged by the Director General of Education.

She fought toenhance public education at every opportunity and was a valued friend andmentor to students, parents and staff.

Mrs Leona Evansmet an older, passionate, very vocal lady (Audette) at her first P&Cmeeting 30 odd years ago.

“I have workedbeside her right up to about six years ago when I did my last turn at canteen.

“I recall herdevotion to the school holding many holding many executive positions in the P& C.

“She had a caraccident a few years back and couldn’t drive for a while – but that neverstopped her attending the meetings and being involved. Her husband Arthur drovefrom place A to B or if he was unavailable Audette used to catch the bus totown or hitch a ride with the neighbour. You couldn’t stop her from what shethought was her duty…………the school!

Audette believedin and expected good manners. There would not be a child that has passedthrough the High School who hasn’t been reminded to say please and thank youand “Please don’t mumble – I can’t understand you!”

Leona also madespecial mention to Audette’s husband Arthur.

“He has supportedAudette in every way for her work at the High School and in education ingeneral.

Arthur would sitpatiently in the car park while debates arose at meetings, trivial or important- he would wait for her.

A good friend,Leona also said, “Thank you Audette.

“We loved you, weadmired you, sometimes disagreed with you and at times may have been a littlefrightened of you but Crookwell High School is a much better place now for youbeing there.

“We will neverforget you.

“God bless yourimmortal soul and may you rest in peace,” said Leona.

Arthur and hisfamily would like to acknowledge everyone involved with the dedication ceremonyfor the Audette Benson Memorial Garden held at the school recently. It was aspecial occasion and much appreciated by the Benson family. Thank you

Audette’s daughter Sharon with her father and Audette’s husband Arthur Benson, granddaughter Georgina and son Warren Benson on the specially made seat from the Crookwell Men’s Shed

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